VINELink increases use of New York VINE system

The Office of Crime Victims for the New York State Department of Correctional Services works with advocates across the state and encourages them to promote VINE.

“People are very happy that VINE is available online now. VINELink has definitely increased the utilization,” said Director Janet Koupash.

The office has suggested that advocates actively help crime victims register for notification. “We say to advocates, ‘If you’ve got somebody in your office and they are saying they want notification, say, ‘Well, since you are here, why don’t we do it on my computer right now?’” said Koupash.

Advocates understand they have the opportunity to take an active roll by utilizing VINELink. “Advocates can do the same thing if they have a frightened client on the phone. They are advised to say “While we are on the phone, why don’t I go ahead and sign you up on VINELink?” said Koupash.

“A 24 hour a day hotline worker can offer VINELink while the person is on the line. It doesn’t even have to be a formal appointment in the office,” said Koupash. “Our NYSCADV (New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence) is really interested in VINE and expanding their shelter workers’ knowledge and comfort with getting people registered.”


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