Appriss enables MobilePatrol™ app for all VINE® partners

The 2,800 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. that provide Appriss’ VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) service are now accessible on the company’s MobilePatrol app. Previously, the app was provided individually to sheriffs’ offices that requested it. The app allows agencies to share a variety of public safety information with users, including detention center inmates, most-wanted persons, sex offenders and warrants. Agencies can also notify users of emergency situations ranging from Amber Alerts and manhunts to weather warnings and traffic tie-ups.  Additionally, users can report a crime and even share information from an agency directly to their Facebook page. The MobilePatrol app is free and available on both iPhone and Android devices by searching “MobilePatrol” at the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded users select the state and agency they want. Users can favorite multiple agencies to stay connected everywhere they travel.

Appriss president David Kaelin says having every VINE agency on the app is simply a natural extension of the Appriss mission to keep communities safe and informed. “Mobile devices are the tools of communication in today’s society. We’re making sure people all across the country have easy access to important public safety information.”

There are two categories of agencies that will be accessible via MobilePatrol:  Premium and Non-Premium subscribers. Premium agencies provide a broader range of content to their community (e.g., sex offender data, most wanted, agency directory, etc.) Non-Premium agencies feature basic detention center booking information, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, safety tips and national weather alerts. All Non-Premium agencies can register to become a Premium subscriber by visiting mobile.appriss.com and selecting sheriff partnerships.

The app also lets users access VINE in order to check on the custody status of an offender and to register to be notified about any change in that custody status.




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  1. I recently began using VINE phone app for Iphone after a family member was incarcerated. I have received notification when the person was moved from the current facility. When I was to give my pin number, the phone app would not accept it. I could not find any way to check my pin or change it. Now I receive the same notification over and over because of the pin number. How do I fix this?

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