Appriss in the News

Tens of millions of dollars in unemployment overpayments to incarcerated claimants have been identified using RiskCheck Now

In the fiscal year 2013, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that states recorded some $7.7 billion in improper unemployment insurance payments.

In a demonstration by Appriss, Illinois discovered that 822 prisoners were receiving benefits when they should not have been.

RiskCheck Now provides up-to-date booking data to help your agency reach its goals of preventing, detecting, and recovering improper payment of unemployment insurance to individuals who are incarcerated. RiskCheck Now queries thousands of criminal justice databases at once in efforts to confirm whether an individual requesting unemployment is incarcerated.

RiskCheck Now is a solution to the ongoing abuse of the taxpayers’ dollar. In 2012, 2 states found that they were spending $3.3 million on ineligible entitlement benefits for inmates. Let’s put this in perspective:
-$1 is 6 in. in length
-$3.3 million=19,800,000 in.
-12 in. = 1 ft.
-19,800,000/12= 1,650,000 ft.
-5,280 ft. = 1 mile
If we were to line up every dollar spent on these inmate’s benefits, we would be able to cross the United States almost 46 times (45.8 to be exact).


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