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Have cell phone bans led to safer roadways?

It would only make sense that when you are doing one thing and direct your attention to another, you lose focus on the first thing. Therefore, a ban on cell phones while driving should lead to safer roadways. However, according to recent studies from the RAND corporation, a nonprofit organization offering research and analysis to the United States armed forces, tell us cell phone bans have not led to a decrease in automobile accidents. They go on to say that this scenario links back to much more in-depth questions regarding human behavior.

Today’s world of technology provides us with an abundance of toys for entertainment: Bluetooth devices, CDs, iPods, XM radios, a new slinky, etc. They all happen to have one thing in common, none of them should be used while driving. Perhaps the cell phone ban only diverted people’s attention to one of the many other distractions found in our cars.

Another possibility suggested by Daniel Kaffine, an economist at the University of Colorado Boulder, people who are abiding by the law, weren’t the ones who were participating in the risky behavior to begin with. In other words, people who are already high-risk drivers may ignore the law completely.

All are interesting theories, but the bottom line is that these new laws have not led to safer roadways.

With that being said, what do you think we can do to make our roadways safer?


Information for this article gathered from an article located in The Washington Post, written by Emily Badger.


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