Cyberbulling conerns increase 87 precent from 2013

In today’s world, we seem to constantly be connected with one another. While this can be advantageous for many things, it has also created more outlets for bullies to reach their victims. The bully from recess can now harass their victim at all hours of the day, and has access to them regardless of physical location. In other words, victims of cyberbullying are not even safe in their own homes. In 2014, 52 percent of teenagers reported being cyberbullied at some point. More shockingly, 95 percent of teens who witnessed cyberbullying say that they  ignored the behavior. Unfortunately, this trend is only increasing; cyberbullying concerns have seen an alarming increase of 87 percent from 2013. With victims of cyberbullying not being able to seek refuge, even in the confines of their home, it is imperative that people educate themselves in preventative action and means of putting an end to cyberbullying that has already occurred, or is occurring.

Here’s a list of 5 ways to mitigate cyberbullying:

1) Do not send photos, videos, or other information that you would not want to be publicly shared.

2) Keep records of any incidents that do occur (ie. screen shots, printed out copies, or saved to a folder on your computer or mobile device).

3) Block the bully from the media outlet they they’re attacking you. Majority of social media sites, and sites like them, have a means of blocking content from certain individuals.

4) Along with blocking, many social media sites have a means of reporting offensive content. Often times, if the individual is found to have been posting offensive content, their account will be deleted.

5) Last, but probably most important, TELL SOMEONE. In many states, cyberbullying is a crime that is punishable by law.

Don’t wait for cyberbullying to make its appearance in your life. You can help others, and potentially yourself, by spreading this information.

Follow this link to print out a cyberbullying tip card to forward to your local law enforcement agencies: http://www.iacp.org/cyberbullyingresources


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