About Appriss

Since 1994, Appriss has provided innovative software-based services that help hundreds of local, state, and Federal criminal justice agencies serve and protect their citizens.

Our flagship product, VINE®, is the nation’s leading automated victim notification solution. VINE makes it easy for victims and other citizens to obtain timely information about criminal cases and the custody status of offenders held in local jails or state prisons. The patented VINE service helps to protect victims in thousands of communities in 47 states, including most of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas.

The Appriss Operations Center, located in the company's Louisville, Kentucky headquarters, provides around-the-clock technical assistance for all Appriss services.

Appriss has expanded its mission and now offers other groundbreaking services for government, including JusticeXchange®, the nation’s integrated justice solution which includes access to near real-time jail information for criminal justice agencies; MethCheck®, a pharmacy point-of-sale logging tool that helps law enforcement shut down illegal meth labs; and a suite of comprehensive sex offender notification solutions that help states manage their sex offender populations.


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